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Not your mother’s 65!!!

We love and adored our Mothers when they were 65…but doesn’t it feel a little different for us Baby Boomers?

So, my motto after turning 65 is “I am not my Mother’s 65!”

For one, my attitude about life is slightly different. I feel like this is just the beginning of a new, exciting phase of my life not the end…oh the places you’ll go (Dr Suess was right).

I’m ready to travel to exotic places, dance more with my grandkids on the beach, sing karaoke, paint my nails vibrant neon colors, make a bucket list of restaurants to try all over the world, garden, be a foodie, go to outdoor concerts, ensure my spirituality is healthy and intact. I am not old….I am seasoned. Forever young in my heart, mind and outlook. Growing the roses and then smelling them…brewing coffee and watching sunsets…the list is endless as long as we have our health!

I am not old…I am seasoned.

Trenea Smart

Class of 76, we did it! We made it to 65! ‘Not your Mother’s 65‘ series explores all the wonderful adventures that the new 65 brings. For example, would you like tips for women over 65? Read the article here.

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