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Did you Know?

24% of women admit to losing their engagement or wedding ring at some point.

Top 5 Places Engagement Rings Are Lost

  • At the Beach – Sunscreen, suntan lotion, and ocean water are the number one way women and men lose their new sparklers. Yikes, careful honeymooners!
  • Snorkeling – When doing snorkeling or other water sports, fingers shrink from the cold water. Leaving your beautiful ring to slip down and decorate the ocean floor.
  • Hotel Room – Rings are left behind near the sink, on the nightstands, and even in the room safe.
  • Public Restroom – 30 Seconds! Between Covid-19 and the flu season coming up, the 30 second rule has been drilled into our minds, some ladies remove their rings to soap up and realize too late that their engagement or wedding ring has been left behind.
  • Work – Men and women often take off their rings to complete certain tasks, jewelry becomes easily lost in the shuffle.

You got the ring. Congratulations! Now protect your bling!

The average cost of an engagement ring in 2022 is between $3,500 and $6,500 with a small percentage spending over $10,000. How can you protect yourself if your ring is lost or stolen? Invest in a jewelry insurance policy. With the average cost being less than $10 a month, peace of mind has never been so inexpensive.

Did you know you can also protect your jewelry under a Renter’s policy? Call us today for a 5 minute quote!

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