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Do we really need to get jewelry insurance? You’re now 2 times more likely to have your jewelry stolen while on vacation since 2015. However, due to inflation, rising cost of living, and salaries/hourly pay’s failure to keep up with rising cost has made us ever more aware of needs vs. wants. Jewelry protection is one of them. Here is a better question though: Can I afford to replace my jewelry if it was stolen or lost?

That is much more daunting than a small monthly installment. Especially when those payments are the average cost of a meal or two at McDonald’s. However, according to AmericanExpress.com the average engagement ring is $5,500(ouch!). In contrast, here’s the approximate cost in scale for protection for an engagement ring:

  • $4500 ring: $4-$7 per month
  • $10,500 ring: $10-$16 per month
  • $20,000 ring: $20-$31 per month

I know those prices are surprisingly inexpensive, but they really are cost effective and have great benefits to boot! In a financial climate such as ours we recommend you skip on one fast food meal and protect one of your most valuable and appreciating items: Your jewelry!

It’s easy to get this kind of protection, just reach out to us at info@teamgetsmart.com.

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