Photo of an an older woman exercising with dumbbells.
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Exercise over 65…JUST DO IT!!!!!

No one LIKES to exercise but to maintain an overall healthy mind and body, we ladies have to get moving! There’s a million ways to exercise and each month, we’ll talk about some of the exercises I’m doing to stay healthy.

My husband and I recently started Circuit Training at our gym. 29 Minutes and you have exercised every part of your body, including the most important organ: our heart! ❤️

Circuit training is a workout that involves rotating through a circuit of up to 10 to 13 machines that target different muscle groups. Love it! I don’t have to try to figure out which machine to use, I just go through the circuit. The professionals have already figured out the machines to use. Easy peasy.

We circuit train 3x a week, and then do cardio for 30 minutes (my favorite is the treadmill).

Sometimes, when the weather is nice, we walk our dog Jack. We have mapped out a 3 mile, 40-60 minute walk that gets our heart rate going. Other times, if I’m short on time, I hop on my pink Beach Cruiser (Lucy) and spin around the neighborhood.

Weekly exercise should be a non-negotiable part of your life. Schedule it on your calendar like any other important event! Also, drink lots of water! My doctor recommended a 9.5Ph water with electrolytes. We buy it at Costco and grab a bottle throughout the day.


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