Jewelry Protection

Diamond Ring

Do we really need to get jewelry insurance? You’re now 2 times more likely to have your jewelry stolen while on vacation since 2015. However, due to inflation, rising cost of living, and salaries/hourly pay’s failure to keep up with rising cost has made us ever more aware of needs vs. wants. Jewelry protection is … Read more

My Ring is Missing!

Lost my ring!

What was suppose to be a great vacation-it was until your jewelry came up missing-will only be discussed in the context of the loss of something special. It’s becoming more common for jewelry items to come up missing, twice as much for that matter. It’s important to cover your valuables with jewelry insurance as mentioned … Read more

Destination wedding – Am I covered?

Destination weddings covered by homeowners and rentes policy.

Did you Know? 25% of all weddings in the United States are Destination Weddings. That’s about 1 in every fourweddings. Are you covered? A Homeowners or Renters policy can cover your Personal Property* (including smartphones andlaptops) anywhere in the world. According to DestinationWeddings.com 55% of all couples planning a Destination Wedding use theirsmartphones!In 2019 (Pre-covid) … Read more

Do I need Mexican Insurance?

Does your insurance cover you in Mexico?

Stop!! Do not cross the border… Until you have coverage for Mexico with Mexican auto insurance. With many people traveling south of the border over winter, it’s time to get travel insurance. Here are the 3 reasons to purchase coverage for your vehicle while traveling south: So, there it is! The land with beautiful azure … Read more

Hey Ladies! Engaged Ladies…

Did you Know? 24% of women admit to losing their engagement or wedding ring at some point. Top 5 Places Engagement Rings Are Lost At the Beach – Sunscreen, suntan lotion, and ocean water are the number one way women and men lose their new sparklers. Yikes, careful honeymooners! Snorkeling – When doing snorkeling or … Read more

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